Jon-Mark Photography

Joyful, energetic and colourful wedding photography based in Victoria, BC

It’s true; I have an odd name. It might take some getting used to but don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other. It makes me smile with pride when my couples explain it to someone who mistakenly calls me Jon; we’re like old pals by that point.

Those unique parts of ourselves – a name, a voice, a smirk – that’s what draws people in, what endears us to our loved ones. These details are what breathe life into a photo. It’s your sister’s scrunched nose when she cries, your best friend’s belly laugh, your dad’s soft side peeking through when he talks about his kids . These are the moments I love to capture: This is life well lived; unguarded and real.

I want to know your story, and have that story reflected in my photos. I want my images to capture not only what you look like, but who you really are. That’s your legacy, when your kids’ kids see images of you and they know your character from your photos.

So what does that mean? Well what do you love? I love my wife and family, I love the island, my cat Pickles who is permaglued to my lap, beers around a campfire with friends, hiking and camping and BEING OUTSIDE and loving this beautiful place we live. And I love shooting photos of people while I’m doing all of that. A landscape photo is better with people in it, people give context, story, feeling.

We’ll keep it real and fun. We’ll laugh a lot. We’ll spend time getting to know each other so when the big day comes, we’re like old friends sharing memories. This is how great photos are created. We’re a team, my photos are nothing without wonderful people in them.

I’d love to connect in person so we can get to know each other and see if it’s a good fit. Feeling at home around your photographer isn’t just a sweet perk, it’s a crucial part of amazing photos. Drop me a line, let’s hang out.

– Jon-Mark