Details Planning

Nicole and her team bring a professional and helpful attitude to the task of putting together beautiful weddings for her clients filled with charm and natural elegance; Every detail is taken care of. I’ve worked with her team at many weddings and they have always been a joy to work with.


French Kiss Events

Barb and her team at French Kiss put on incredible and elaborate events, they’re meticulously organized and Barb is a total sweetheart while keeping everything moving and on time. We’ve worked together numerous times and I’ve always been impressed with their productions.




Paper Heart Films

I’ve worked with Chelsea many times, she brings a thoughtful and authentic approach to her wedding videos. She finds the stories below the surface and I know the couples we’ve worked with together have often been brought to tears by her beautiful work. Chelsea is a total sweetheart and so wonderful to work with.


Evergreen and Bound

Breanna and Grady are so warm and wonderful to work with, their approach is to go with the flow and have fun with their couples and capture all the real in-between moments throughout the day. They love working with adventurous couples who love having fun and a good story.




Ian Hooey

Ian brings a quick witted and often funny vibe to wedding ceremonies. I’ve worked with Ian many times, and while he has a core message that he uses, he always adapts it well to each individual couple and is very quick on his feet if anything unexpected comes up


Barbara Densmore

Barbara is a “wedding celebrant”, which costs a little more than a typical wedding commissioner but provides a much more personalized and intimate experience to the whole process all the way to the end of the ceremony. She works with couples to develop a personal message and story for both the couple and guests, and I always feel like I know the couple better after her ceremonies.




Mandy Rogers

Mandy is both mine and my wife’s personal hair stylist, we can’t give a greater endorsement than that! She is the owner of Hunt and Gather Hair Company in downtown Victoria, and bring a friendly, funny and down to earth vibe to match her killer hair skills. In 2017 she was a finalist in multiple hair categories at the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards


Travis Mercer

Travis is one of Mandy’s team members at Hunt and Gather and has a warm and approachable demeanor with great taste and hair skills


Erin Bradley

Recognized by the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Association for Best Wedding Makeup Artist, Best Wedding Hair, Best Overall Wedding Hair stylist and the Industry achievement award, Erin is a rare combo of an exceptionally talented hair and makeup artist with a warm personality who is great to work with.




Artistry by Alexa

With a talented team under her direction and the award for Best Bridal Makeup at the 2017 Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards, Alexa brings a polished, friendly and professional look to wedding makeup, and can cover wedding parties of almost any size with her large team




Chris Poynter

Chris has a professional, approachable air and knows how to get people on the dance floor. His audio queues and technical chops always make for a smooth flowing reception that gets people on the dance floor as the night goes on. From the moment I met Chris I was impressed with both his professionalism and how friendly he was.


Hi Way productions

Ron and his team are incredibly friendly and very helpful in their consulting with couples to help them organize their receptions to be a success. Ron DJ’d my brother’s wedding and I’ve worked with him numerous times since and always been impressed.





Blush offers a wide selection of unique and premium wedding dresses in their stylish downtown shop. My brides that have worked with blush always comment on the individual attention they’ve received and how they were able to find a unique designer dress that they didn’t expect to be able to find in Victoria


Tres Chic

Joan and her team at Tres Chic have a bright, airy shop out in the West Shore with a wide variety of dresses at different price points that can suit every occasion. The experience she provides is detailed and polished and she’ll help you to find the best dress for you.




Noah Edwards music (Acoustic)

Noah brings his smooth and flexible voice along with his acoustic guitar to woo your guests whether it be at your ceremony or your reception. He has a wide range and great character to his style, and is available solo or with a full band.

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Mildly Wild ( Folk/Jazz )

Eryn and her team bring a super cool folk/jazz vibe to the music scene for weddings, perfect for your stylish and classy wedding reception as well as your ceremony. Available with and without drums to suit your event.


The Temps (classic covers)

A team of super talented and experienced musicians from around town, the Temps play many local bars and host a broad selection of musical covers, with a little more emphasis on classic rock with some modern singles mixed throughout.


OK Charlie (Modern covers)

A young and talented group of guys bringing a stylish take on modern pop and rock singles and an awesome dance vibe for receptions.


The bright side (pop covers)

A mainstay of the Victoria music scene, The Bright Side covers mainly modern pop but with full band style, and is one of the few local bands that boasts both female and male vocalists for a wide variety of sounds and songs.


Emily Carr String Quartet (Strings)

A perfect and timeless selection for your classy, refined event, the ECSQ will soothe your guests with their impeccable classical talent.