Danielle & Matt's Engagement in Gordon Head - Victoria Wedding Photography

I first met Danielle a few years ago while shooting one of her best friends' engagement session up at Mt Washington. We got along really well while shooting with Ellen and Jamie so I was stoked to see her name in my inbox a couple of years later letting me know that she was getting married! Matt and Danielle live and are getting married in Kelowna, but they knew they were going to have a chance to visit Victoria over Christmas time which gave us the opportunity to shoot their engagement session. It was pretty chilly grey day but the rain held off while we explored parts of Gordon Head around Danielle's grandparents' home. After a coffee break to warm up we finished off up at Mt Doug, here are a few favourites! victoriaweddingphotography-daniellemattengagement0BLOG-1000 victoriaweddingphotography-daniellemattengagement0BLOG-1001 victoriaweddingphotography-daniellemattengagement0BLOG-1002 victoriaweddingphotography-daniellemattengagement0BLOG-1003 victoriaweddingphotography-daniellemattengagement0BLOG-1005 victoriaweddingphotography-daniellemattengagement0BLOG-1006 victoriaweddingphotography-daniellemattengagement0BLOG-1007 victoriaweddingphotography-daniellemattengagement0BLOG-1008 victoriaweddingphotography-daniellemattengagement0BLOG-1009 victoriaweddingphotography-daniellemattengagement0BLOG-1010 victoriaweddingphotography-daniellemattengagement0BLOG-1011 victoriaweddingphotography-daniellemattengagement0BLOG-1012